INKMAX Sustainable Technology.

To The Ecological Dyeing.

INKMAX is a polymer-coated nano-sized water-based pigment ink
jointly developed by ITOCHU Corporation and Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.A new dyeing technique that uses uni COLOR ink to color.

Nano -Tecnology And Dye-Revolution.

INKMAX printing is nano particle ink.
You can print in small lots on any cloth and keep good texture.

uni COLOR ink is pigment that has been refined to an ultra-nano size, which is about one-fourth of the conventional size.and coated with a special polymer one by one. By doing this, a strong adhesive force is created between inks and fibers, solving the problems of stiffening, discoloration, and fading, and thinly and delicately, yet firmly adheres to the fibers.Very small ink particles do not spoil the texture of the fabric.

Less Water Is Feeling Soooo Good!!

INKMAX can save water around 95% and CO2 around 40%.

In general, dyeing involves many work processes and is time-consuming. That means using a lot of energy. A large amount of water is indispensable for the dye fixing and cleaning process.However, with INKMAX dyeing, thanks to the ultra-fine particle ink uni COLOR ink, dyeing is only done by printing on the fabric with an inkjet printer,
so the work process is greatly shortened.Compared to conventional dyeing methods, water consumption can be reduced by 95% and CO2 emissions can be reduced by approximately 40%.

Easy And Fine Solid Dye

Compared to conventional pigment dyeing, it achieves a uniform and natural finish without damaging the texture of the fabric.

The finish with a lively texture of the material is like dyeing. Moreover, one ink can be used for any material.
Plain dyeing that does not use water can be said to be the ultimate method of dyeing that considers the balance of the environment.

Not only natural fibers but also synthetic fiber materials,
from delicate organdy to bright satin, thick canvas and denim,
can be dyed regardless of raw materials, weaving and knitting.
Moreover, it has a natural and supple finish without damaging the texture of the fabric.

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